RFPC Summer League: Promoting Community and Fitness with the Thrill of a Little In-House Competition (Part 1)

RFPC Summer League-Round #1 of Crazy, Fun, Fitness.

Sunday June 14th was the start of the Summer League Games at the Reebok Firepower Box in Milton. And man, did it feel good to be back!

Being away at school is tough (or anywhere in general) is tough for any Crossfitter. We don’t only miss our family and home, but we miss our Crossfit Family and Box.

Anyways, back to the games. I saw so many people on Sunday! Over 70 members signed up and there were over 10 teams, crazy! It was awesome to see the community come out.

I meant to write about this sooner but my arms were literally out of commission after Sunday—So. Many. Rope. Climbs. And then school happened and well it’s now Sunday night.

I gotta say that even though crazy WODs are always well crazy, this Sunday felt a little emptier without some Summer League action with the RCFP fam.

Here is the dose of crazy we were given by Chris Christensen, whose known for making up workouts that will really f*&$% up (but hey what almost kills you, makes you stronger)

1st WOD: Teams of 6 with a running clock, totaling to 30 minutes (5 minutes per athlete)

Two Parts, Two scores:

Part A: 500m row for time and at the end of the row (for the remaining time left of the 5 min) you will go into Part B

Part B: AMRAP* of Power Cleans

At the 5 minutes mark the next athlete would jump in and start rowing and then cleans, etc.

*AMRAP-As many rounds as possible.

Clean weights (heavy to lite):

1st Athlete: 185 male; 125 female

2nd Athlete: 165/115

3rd Athlete: 155/105

4th Athlete: 145/100

5th Athlete: 135/95

6th Athlete: 115/75

I know what you are thinking: “5 minutes, that’s not so bad” but Crossfitters know that it is sometimes the shorter workouts that are the deadliest of them all.
Anddd this was one of them.
I was the 5th athlete to go up, meaning I would have to clean 95lb which I thought “psh I can totally do that easily, get a good number of reps in”

That was my initial thought.

Then I got off the rower in 1:58 seconds and although I was happy with my time, I could NOT feel my legs.

Well shit.

How am I going to clean something if I can’t feel my legs and engage them to get power from my hips?

I literally felt like I was lifting 95lbs not cleaning it.

Took me a couple of tries but I finally was able to get a few cleans in. It was definitely not my best performance on cleans at all! But it goes to show some combinations of movements just really f%$# shit up in a time span of 2 minutes.

This workout definitely reminded me that one should never underestimate either a workout or weight, especially after rowing HARD for 2 min. So, again, scale appropriately, always. (Especially for those newbies out there, you want to workout, not break yourself)

It was a good “warm-up” though. Yes, I said warm-up because there is a second WOD. No, we aren’t insane; we are just really passionate about questioning our sanity and pushing our limits, okay actually just Coach Chris is.

2nd WOD (Yes, one wasn’t enough, it never is in Chris’s Class)

With a 30 min cap and your teams of six:

150 Med Ball Cleans (20lb)

150 Toes to Bar (T2B)

150 Pull-ups

150 Thrusters (85/65)

The catch? The Buy-In for each time your turn is up: a Rope Climb.

So one athlete would start: 1) Rope Climb 2) Med Ball Cleans (until he/she can’t do any more of a single movement 3) Tag Teammate 4) Athlete #2: Rope Climb 5) Continue with the Med Ball cleans….over and over again until the 150 are complete for each movement.

You couldn’t limit the number of rope climbs, because it all depended on how long each teammate could clean, and hold on to the bar when doing T2B, pull-ups, and Thrusters.

So you can imagine: Forearms on fire. FIRE.

Literally for two days after that.

But it was a great WOD; lot’s of teamwork and strategizing to be the most efficient and effective when completing the WOD.

What was the beautiful thing about this workout though? Everyone was at different levels in the teams so everyone had different strengths and weaknesses.

Yet, everyone participated, yes everyone. See? Beautiful.

People really challenged themselves and some surprised themselves on their capabilities. The energy in the room was electric.

Loved every single second of it.

I would say it was a successful start to RCFP’s Summer League. It wasn’t so much about the (crazy) workouts but about the teamwork and getting to know your community.

…while getting your sweat on (and some rope burns, if you forgot socks like me -_-)

Can’t wait for July 19th for Round #2!


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