What made me fall in love with Crossfit?

Crossfit—people have a lot of questions, concerns, comments about it; some are positive, some are negative, and some are neutral because some people don’t even know what Crossfit is. Everyone is going to have different opinions and experiences and that is completely fine, I mean not everyone likes running; some people prefer biking or swimming. You get my point.

But it isn’t until you experience Crossfit for yourself that you will actually know whether you will love this sport or it’s just not for you.

So, what made me fall in love with Crossfit?
Well, let me tell you, it wasn’t the lifting.

I know what you are thinking, for those that know me anyways, “But Karina you LOVE weights and lifting heavy s*%$#”

Yes, I do but that’s not why I love Crossfit.

I love Crossfit because of the community and the family that you become a part of.

I can do Crossfit workouts at the Laurier gym but it isn’t really Crossfit, well it doesn’t feel like it to me anyways.
Crossfit is a community first—a place to go challenge yourself, whether that is doing a workout Rx or scaling* and to go socialize and be part of something. If I only loved Crossfit because of all the lifts then I would have probably stopped a long time ago.

It’s not about how much you can lift or if you can lift the most out of everyone else. If you can, that’s awesome but Crossfit is not just for the elite. Crossfit is for everyone, well it is for everyone that is willing to be part of it anyways.

If you have to scale, you scale. Scaling doesn’t mean the workout will be easy. No, no, no, the workout will still make you question your sanity. Trust me.

But it will be right for YOU and NOT for the athlete beside you.

and guess what? You will have people there to support you, at the Rx or the scaled weight.

Your box partners will encourage you and at times yell at you, in a motivating way of course.

How else do you think I have the motivation to keep going and finish the WOD* sometimes?

Community plays a huge role here.

There is something about being encouraged that pushes you and makes you (at times) surpass your own thoughts on what you thought your were capable of doing.

And that is the beautiful thing about this sport.

You will always grow; there is always a next level. You are never stuck or finished, you can always be better.

To wrap up my story, Crossfit for me is more than a workout: it is a lifestyle, it is a community, and it is a life lesson.

Why a life lesson? Because you have to really be patient with yourself and do what is appropriate for you, not for the person beside you.

And most importantly, I think Crossfit teaches you to not give up, or at least reminds you of it, while you get a great sweat in.

I don’t know how others see Crossfit or what their experience is so I can only share my perspective and my story. I have been doing Crossfit since January and in this short time, I have been lucky to be part of two amazing boxes, Reebok FirePower Crossfit in Milton, ON and Crossfit Division in Waterloo, ON.

Thank you guys for being amazing individuals, tough athletes, and treating me like a part of your family because you are definitely part of mine.

And yes, Coach Dave, I need a picture with the CrossFit Division box, for my next post 😉


*Rx-Doing a workout as prescribed

*Scaling-Scaling down the workout (i.e. Lower weight, substituting a certain movement)

*WOD-workout of the day


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