Substitute of the week: Portobello Mushrooms for Burger Buns?

Summer is here! It’s hot outside which means a couple of things:

1) Pool Party

2) Firing up the BBQ for dinner

3) BBQ get togethers

Or all the above.

So what’s the problem? I find the problems are always the buns. No, not man buns, not man bums or girl bums either lol but Hot-dog buns, Hamburger buns–white, whole grain, multigrain, it doesn’t make a difference–It’s all bread, not the best type of carbs.

And another thing I want to mention is that I love, I mean LOVE sweet potato fries.

You see my problem here? Hamburger buns plus sweet potato fries plus that tub of cookies and cream that you KNOW is in the freezer, it all starts to add up! Especially if you are doing these BBQs frequently.

So what’s the solution I found? Portobello Mushrooms.

If you ‘ve never heard of Portobello Mushrooms, they are basically these BIG mushrooms (as big as a Hamburger bun).

The difference? They are about 20 calories with 3g of carbs for each portobello cap.

While a hamburger bun are about 120 calories each with 23g of carbs.

If you do the math, that’s like 100 calories and 20g of carbs, which is equivalent to a serving of sweet potato fries. You following me?

So, skip the bread on some of those BBQs and enjoy your protein filled turkey, beef, chicken, or veggie burger! Double stack that protein even!

And of course have some sweet potato fries, those are carbs you want to put in your body!.

Conclusion? Portobello mushrooms are perfect! It means you and I can eat our burgers like a hamburger because of their burger-like shape. So this means you can say goodbye to your lettuce-wrapped burgers!

But hey, if one day you want to have some good-old bread (the fluffy and soft kind) GO AHEAD! Remember this healthy-fit lifestyle is called a “LIFE-style” for a reason.

Sometimes we need to live a little. It’s all about balance!

Also, how to cook these babies? Just season them with some olive oil and spices and place them on the grill or bake them 🙂

P.s. Yes, the bun in photo with this post is a Portobello Mushroom! For real.


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