About Me

My name is Karina Flores Chienda or if you like to call people by their initials then you would call me KFC. (No, my favourite fast food is not Kentucky Fried Chicken, unfortunately). Now that you know a weird/cool fact about me, I’ll finish introducing myself, I am a 21 year old Business student at Wilfrid Laurier University but I’m currently a Merchandise Assistant Co-op at TJX Canada. I’m also a Gemini which I like to attribute my complex and double personality to; You see I believe I have contradicting interests or should I say diverse? I guess you will be the judge of that.

Anyways, welcome to my blog, Sassy Latina, which in case you are wondering are two words that people tend to describe me the most with. I’ll share the little bits of my life on this blog. You will find posts about fashion, life as a student/co-op, healthy recipes, peanut butter, fitness posts (sometimes about my love/obsession with Crossfit), my dog sparky, my friends and family, wine, foodie places and whatever else I feel like writing and posting about.

This blog is a little project of mine, for me and for you. I am by no means a writer and I  write like how I would talk. I don’t know what I want to do in the future but maybe if I write/post things about my life, it will somehow give me a direction? (I sure hope so because I graduate in a year)

Maybe this blog will give nothing or it may give you a little laugh, a little insight or maybe even a little inspiration. Who knows! But I hope you enjoy 🙂

Peace out,

-Karina Flores C.

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